Why Your Bodycare Routine Matters

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ultra retexturizing body complex

The skin on your body deserves as much love as the skin on your face.


Why? Hot showers, ageing, extreme temperature changes (thanks, Winter) or using harsh beauty products are some of the many culprits that may cause havoc to the skin on your body. Dryness, rough skin texture, visible bumps or flaking - to name a few. 

Here, our Ultra Experts explain how using the right skincare can help you achieve hydrated, healthy-looking skin all over.

How do you combat dry skin on your body?

Daily exfoliation is essential for smooth, radiant skin. In particular, Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs); a group of naturally occurring plant compounds acting as exfoliants to weaken the bond between skin cells, allowing coarse texture to be lifted away.

Eliminating dead skin cells will help to smooth the skin and remove the uneven texture that may cause flakiness, fine lines, bumps or breakouts.

The hero product to get you there?

Ultra Retexturising Body Complex; a dual-action body lotion that exfoliates and hydrates the skin - all in one. 

Using a blend of Lactic Acid (AHA), this formula dramatically improves the appearance of dull, dehydrated and coarse skin texture. It also contains a blend of hydrating ingredients including, Sodium Hyaluronate to condition the skin and help maintain its natural moisture barrier (an essential all year round). We recommend applying this product in the evening, to your arms, decolletage, legs and back.  


…and always remember that the most important step to keep your skin glowing (all over) is to protect it by applying your favourite SPF during the day. 

Unsure how to incorporate these products into your routine?

Book an online skin consultation or visit your local Ultra clinic for personalised skin advice.