Meet The Artist Behind Our 2023 Holiday Collection

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Ultraceuticals 2023 Holiday Collection

Ever thought of wrapping timeless art with skincare benefits? We've curated a powerful collection of gift sets in collaboration with artist, Nastia Gladushchenko.


For this otherworldly collection, we teamed up with the incredibly talented artist, Nastia Gladushchenko. Renowned for her vibrant botanical works, Nastia brings the magic of nature into our 2023 holiday collection

As a painter and mural artist, her work examines the relationship between humans and the plant world, using botanical imagery to remind us of the importance of our connection to nature and to each other. With a background in interior architecture, she explores the way our environments affect our bodies and minds. By creating pieces featuring imagery of oversized botanicals, she hopes to transport people to a place between a playground and a meditative space.

To celebrate our partnership, we asked Nastia to walk us through her inspiration and process. 

What was the inspiration behind the artwork?

“The inspiration behind these works came from the native blooms in Sydney, as well as some key ingredients from the products included in the kits. The colour palettes drew on the dusty, sunny, bold and playful tones of summer which is the time of year I associate with celebration and blossoms appearing in the landscape.”

How did you take inspiration from the kits and what did you draw from them?

“As well as being inspired by some key ingredients in the products, I also wanted to capture the feeling of treating yourself or a loved one to one of these kits as a gift and how blissful and joyous that can make one feel. I aimed to create a work that I would love to receive myself and that would bring a sense of celebration to an ordinary day.”

What was the process of producing the artwork?

“My pieces always begin with a bit of research into significant plants so as well as researching online and in books, I took some time to sketch some shapes out in nature. This forces me to keep the shapes free and spontaneous and not too overworked to give a sense of playfulness and fun. Once I have some ideas of the shapes I want to use, I explore various colour palettes which are often tonal and soft but with a strong colour or two added in to keep things more dynamic. At the end, I put the colours and shapes together through sketches and then digitally, to create the final design which has many overlays and layers to give depth to the work.”

We are so proud to have collaborated with Nastia to design our limited-edition gift set collection for 2023. Discover our curated sets designed to deliver luminous skin - and a beautiful pop of colour under the tree. There’s something for everyone.


 “Ethereal Blossoms is an otherworldly artwork created to celebrate Ultraceuticals’ 25th anniversary. The artwork features native Australian blooms, which are a mix of ingredients and others that are endemic to the Sydney region where Ultraceuticals originates. Riberry, Tasmanian Pepperberry, Muntries, Sydney Golden Wattle and Sydney Red Gum Blossoms adorn this modern, aspirational, and vibrant collection which will transport you to a lush and dreamy wonderland.” - Nastia Gladushchenko


To learn more about Nastia and her artworks visit

Images credited to: Damien Milan

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